The Shroud


Jericho Morgan Jones aka Jericho Jones
The Shroud (1940s version)

Cursed Adventurer + Mystic template
Archaeological, History, Forensic Science and Investigation
(Expertise: Occult or Mystic Arts).

Born Jericho Morgan Jones to father Henry Allan Jones and mother Elizabeth Anne (Morgan) Jones, to a wealthy family from Boston Massachusetts, graduated with an archeology degree from Cambridge University with a follow-up degree in Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation from Columbia University.

Jericho’s older brother, Nathan Allan Jones, graduated from Oxford University with a degree in archeology 7 years prior. Jericho idolized Nathan and shared in his love of history and archeology. Jericho was also a huge pulp comic book fan whose heroes included the 1920s hero The Shroud, a detective with the ability to cloud people’s minds. The Shroud used his ability to solve crimes and save various women from precarious situations.

Jericho’s brother Nathan, after graduating college as the top archeologist student in the world, would often return with stories of lost treasures and high adventure. As time went on his stories become darker tales of the occult about powerful artifacts that could change the course of history. Shortly there after, Nathan disappeared without a trace. Fresh out of Columbia University, Jericho began to obsess over finding his lost brother. Then America was attacked and soon after engulfed in World War 2.


The Shroud

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